Why Are Denture Repairs Needed?

Dentures are an excellent replacement method for missing teeth. However, due to being used, time may come when there is a need to repair them. While dentures can last up to a lifetime, certain situations may arise in which you’ll have them repaired or even replaced. Dentures can incur damage, just like any other dental appliances. Being aware of when a repair is needed can help you when you’re not too sure. 

dentures on hand

There are a few different signs that indicate the need to repair dentures. However, knowing the most common ones can be beneficial. Frederick Family Dentistry has identified three main signs that your dentures need repair! These points will be discussed below.

Difficulty in chewing

When you first get your denture, it normal to take some time to adjust to them. It is common to experience some difficulty at first when you’re using your dentures to chew. However, as time progresses and you still experience difficulty when using your dentures to chew, it may be a sign that your dentures need to be repaired. Dentures are supposed to help you chew more naturally, but if you are unable to do so, it is best to visit the dentist and have them looked at. 


Dentures are delicate dental appliances despite being thick and strong. The materials used to create dentures are meant to receive gentle care. In the instance where you drop your dentures, or you hit them on something, damage may incur. It could result in cracks, chips, or even pieces that come off. When this happens, it is best to have the dentures immediately repaired so they can function properly. The damages could threaten your mouth if left unrepaired.

Stains and foul odor

Dentures are a dental appliance; because of this, you must care for them through proper oral hygiene. When this goes neglected, your dentures will begin to smell or look foul. There might even be stains that won’t come off or an odor that is hard to eliminate. During this instance, you should take your dentures to a professional as they will likely need repair. 

Sometimes, people lose their teeth over time due to severe decay or other reasons. Whatever the cause for tooth loss may be, dentures are an available option to help you by improving how you look and making you chew easily. Although dentures are artificial teeth, it is important to take care of dentures as if they are natural. The signs provided above will help you identify the need for denture repair, a service we offer at Frederick Family Dentistry. 

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