Reasons Why Extracting the Tooth May Be a Necessary Option

Preserving the natural tooth structure is one of the main goals in dentistry. That is why there are a variety of dental treatments available intended to address different dental issues. However, there are still some instances when a tooth needs to be pulled out. Although it means getting rid of a natural structure, the procedure is essential to improve and maintain the good condition of a patient’s oral health.

tooth extraction

To understand further why tooth extraction is sometimes a necessary procedure, here are the following reasons:

The tooth is severely damaged or decayed

When tooth decay or damage has extended to the center of the tooth, the bacteria present in the decay can penetrate the tooth pulp, resulting in an infection and tooth pain. Usually, this is addressed with root canal treatment, but if the infection is too severe, pulling out the tooth is the ideal option to prevent the infection from spreading further. 

Prevent the teeth from overcrowding

Sometimes, extracting one or more teeth is essential in order to keep the mouth from becoming overcrowded. This can also be necessary to prepare the patient’s mouth for orthodontic treatment and make enough room for the teeth to move and realign better. 

Help an impacted tooth

An impacted tooth means that it is blocked from breaking through the gum; usually, it pertains to wisdom teeth. An impacted tooth may lead to difficulty chewing and biting due to pain. That is why extracting the impacted tooth is essential to reduce any discomfort, especially when chewing or biting.

Can be a suitable solution for periodontal disease

Periodontal disease, or commonly known as gum disease, is characterized by an infection in the gum tissues that are responsible for holding the teeth in place. This is caused by inadequate oral hygiene, which allows the bacteria-causing plaque to accumulate and affect the gums and teeth. If left disregarded while it is in its earliest stage, it could advance to a more severe kind of periodontal disease where the tooth becomes loose and may need to be extracted eventually.

May be needed when a dental trauma occurs

When an accident occurs that causes the tooth to become damaged, the first option that is always considered is to preserve the tooth. However, if the dental issue is too dreadful that no dental treatments are able to save the affected tooth, a tooth extraction procedure may be required to eliminate any discomfort and prevent further damage.

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