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Dental Emergency in Frederick

"We offer same day dental emergency appointments! If you are a current patient or a new patient and you experience a dental emergency, we are here for you. We will work quickly to determine your condition and provide treatment options that will restore your dental health and comfort."

- Dr. G

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At Frederick Family Dentistry, we do our best to save your natural teeth whenever possible. Sometimes, however, it becomes more beneficial for your health to remove a damaged or decayed tooth to protect the health of your remaining teeth. 

Damaged and decayed teeth can cause pain, problems with your bite, periodontal disease, decay, and overcrowding.

Emergency Extractions of Damaged Teeth

Whether your tooth is severely decayed or broken, Dr. Ganjavian can evaluate it and see if it makes more sense to extract your tooth or to try to save it. When an extraction becomes necessary, you can count on us to do it quickly and comfortably. Dr. G is highly skilled at all types of dental extractions. Because we treat a number of emergency dental patients, he has performed thousands of these procedures for our patients.

If you are experiencing pain, don’t delay! Give us a call and we will evaluate your tooth and make recommendations for effective treatment to restore your comfort and health.

Comfortable Treatment

When you need an extraction, you are probably concerned about your comfort during the procedure. At our Frederick, MD dental office, we place patient comfort at the very top of our list of priorities. We know that patients may have anxiety and fear surrounding dental extractions, so we will make sure that we take the time necessary to ensure you won’t feel a thing.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Not everyone has to have their wisdom teeth removed, but sometimes they can create trouble for your other teeth. They may grow in at odd angles and can push against your other teeth, causing pain. Sometimes they are impacted and never fully erupt from your gum line. Impacted teeth can cause pain and infections, so removing them may be the best option for you.

A visit to our office allows us to diagnose the condition of your wisdom teeth and determine if some or all of them should be removed. Dr. G will go over your options with you and help you make a good decision regarding your dental health.

Tooth Replacement Options

When you have a tooth extracted, leaving a gap in your smile may be something that you’re concerned about. We offer a wide range of options to complete your smile, including dental implants. Replacing a missing tooth can keep your remaining teeth from shifting, which may disrupt your bite and place your other teeth in jeopardy. 

Call Us for Your Next Exam

If you have a tooth that is causing you trouble or if you suspect you may need an extraction, call our Frederick, MD dental office today to schedule an exam with Babak Ganjavian, DDS. Our team looks forward to working with you toward a comfortable, attractive smile.