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"We offer same day dental emergency appointments! If you are a current patient or a new patient and you experience a dental emergency, we are here for you. We will work quickly to determine your condition and provide treatment options that will restore your dental health and comfort."

- Dr. G

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Dental Restorations

At Frederick Family Dentistry, Dr. Babak Ganjavian believes in using high quality restorative materials and the latest techniques to give you lasting results when it comes to fillings, bonding, and crowns.

Our patients really appreciate that we do not cut corners when it comes to their dental health, and with the proper care, you can expect your dental restorations to last for years to come.

What Causes Dental Decay?

One of the most common conditions experienced by both adults and children is dental decay. In fact, dental decay is the number one disease that young children experience, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). 

When left untreated for too long, dental decay can cause pain and even tooth loss. This is especially troublesome when it comes to permanent teeth.

Bacteria feed on the food particles and plaque in your mouth from eating. When you leave the plaque and bacteria on your teeth for too long, they create an acidic environment that eats through the protective enamel on your teeth. Once decay breaches your enamel and reaches the softer dentin layer of your teeth, it can spread rapidly, causing deterioration of your tooth.

Protective Dental Fillings

At Frederick Family Dentistry, Dr. G will gently remove all signs of decay and bacteria from your tooth. He will then sterilize the area and place a filling. Fillings come in two varieties, amalgam and composite. Amalgam fillings will sometimes be used in baby teeth and in areas where your mouth cannot be kept dry during a procedure. Composite fillings are tooth-colored, come in a variety of shades, and help maintain the natural beauty of your smile.

Once Dr. Ganjavian places the filling, he will polish the area and check the bite so that he can make sure that it is a completely comfortable fit and your teeth come together correctly.

Restorative Dental Bonding

When you chip a tooth, or if you have a gap in your smile that you do not like, you might consider dental bonding for small repairs. Dental bonding utilizes composite material, the same kind we use in white fillings, to fix small flaws in your teeth.

The benefits of dental bonding include their cost effectiveness and that they are one of the the least invasive cosmetic procedures. Dental bonding can often be completed in one appointment.

Dr. G will apply composite material and shape it to your natural tooth. He will then polish it to a shine so that it blends in perfectly. 

For larger repairs, your tooth may require a crown for extra stability, especially if you have a strong bite.

Protective Dental Crowns

If your tooth breaks or you sustain trauma on a molar, you might benefit from a dental crown in order to save your teeth. Dental crowns completely cover your exposed tooth structure, surrounding it, and giving it stability that protects it from damage from the force of chewing.

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If you have questions about whether fillings, bonding, or dental crowns can improve your oral health, call our Frederick, MD dental office today to set up an appointment with our skilled and gentle dentist, Babak Ganjavian, DDS.